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Wireless Sirius / Radar for $35!!!!


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How about this.........I saw a post somewhere, where a fellow was asking about using the FM modulator out of his Sirius radio receiver to send the signal to a small FM radio he could put into a pocket, whereby having wireless Sat Radio,


Well I got this here little Sony FM receiver thingy (Sony SRF-M37V) and I figured I'd give it a try. I have my Sirius radio receiver hooked into a small mixer and then into an Amplirider amplifier. The mixer allows the radar detector output to be mixed into the headphones so I can hear a radar allert while listening to music or the ball game.


I figured, if the FM modulator works, I would lose the radar alert because there would be no way to mix the signals without the mixer.. But I'd be able to take the Sirius receiver from bike to bike with a simple BMW type plug (all my bikes have a BMW type receptical for battery charging)and a magnetic mount antenna in the tank bag.


So I go out into the garage, don my helmet with speakers built in, plug in the Sirius radio and lo and behold, it works great. No engine noise, great volume and no wires. And it works about ten feet away from the bike........


But here's the amazing news. When I turned on my radar detector (escort 8500), I could hear the alert in the headphones!!!! I couldn't believe it, but it seems the Escort 8500 some how is transmitting through the FM radio. Clear as a bell.


Now I have wireless Sat Radio AND wireless radar alert...All for about $35........At Walgeens! Do a search on Sony SRF-M37V

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The Sony is a Walkman. Nice solution for the Sirius, and now you have AM/FM/TV (audio) to boot. Curious to hear how well the AM radio works; nice to hear the local stations once in a while.


Surprised to hear the radar detector was emitting a frequency the Walkman was able to pick up. Even more surprising that it's the same frequency the Sirius is transmitting on. Is the Escort audible only on one frequency, or is it drenching the Walkman receiver at any frequency?

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Your best bet for an amplifier / mixer is the "Amplirider"...Simply can't be beat for $65! And Gary is a hoot to deal with...




My Radar detector is only audible through the Sony radio as long as the Sirius is also on. It seems the Sirus is picking up the output of the Escort 8500 and then transmitting it through its FM modulator......


Now that I've used this set up for a few days, I would rather use the Amplirider with a wire connected to the helmet speakers or a set of earbuds. Having the FM radio in my pocket makes it very inconvienient to change volume and the fidelity is no where as good as the Amplirider......YMMV....

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