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BMW Heated Vest / AirVantage Vest Recommended?


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Hi All,

The leaves are beginning to turn up here (eek!), and my thoughts are turning to a purchase decision on a heated vest.


I rather like the cut of the BMW Aluminium heated vest, I've had an Eclipse/BMW vest in the past but found the neck/collar a bit bulky. So, anyone using one of these new fangled BMW vests, and if so, you like??


Also, if anyone out there's using the AirVantage, how's that working for you??


If these are any good, I'll be riding down to NY to pick one up. ( dastardly duty officers preclude me from shipping it )


Time to start making stew.. eek.gif

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I would pass on the vest all together and buy a Gerbings heated jacket instead. I have found that the heated jacket keeps your upper arms warmer due to the fact that it has arms vs. a vest with no arms confused.gif


Even on the RT, the wind that hits around the shoulders and upper arms can cool you down quickly. The Gerbings also has a heated collar too. Nice and toasty.


Have not tried an air vantage so no opinion on it.

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Thanks Satguy. I had a look at the Gerbings when I was in Vermont, they looked really warm, but I was concerned they were fairly bulky. The BMW vest is quite thin by appearances. It's important to me that the thing doesn't bulk up inside my jacket. I find it ticks me off when things get too tight.


Did you try the BMW heated vest before picking the Gerbings?

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Also look at the one from Aerostitch. I bought one for my wife and she's quite happy with it. It also does not seem too bulky and I thought it was reasonably priced.

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I use the BMW heated vest and find it works well into the teens. It's lack of bulk is good both while riding and when stowed. My wife also got one although she has never used hers. They are unisex. Wanna deal?


P.S. Just don't get on a flight with these jackets. The wire and switch will freak out the most rational passengers. lmao.gif

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