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Automatic Stability Control (ASC)


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No Automatic Stability Control does not use fly-by wire throttle.


It is basically an improvement on the ABS sensors in that it utilises the sensors to determine the front wheel and rear wheel speeds. It only allows a slight differential in front and rear wheel speeds and when this differential is exceeded the on board Motronics will retard engine ignition which has the effect of reducing power to the rear wheel.


It may be regarded as a safety feature, but it also prevents wheelies. I would have preferred if this feature can be switched on or off. In other words under normal circumstances rear wheel spin is minimised with the ASC on. When I want to wheelie, I can switch it off. This is not so as the option to switch it on and off is not available.


Tio N H

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From what I understand it is able to be turned off.


Also, the GS will have an additional setting to allow a nominal amount of slippage - I believe it was 5%. While the full ASC activation only allows 3%.

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