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Lake Sunapee, NH


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A cloudy day, but still great for a ride. I took Route 3N into NH, then 293, 93 & 89 (freeway to get there quick). I stopped in Concord at the farmers market next to the capital building.


Then 202-114-103. I was going to take 103B to 11, but I ran into some bicyclists who suggest I go out 103 to the Country Kitchen in Newport, NH. Feeling a bit like Alton Brown, I listened to the locals and didn't regret it. Way too much food for $6.


I then rode back on 103E to 11N and then onto some smaller roads closer to the lake. While riding through Sunapee Harbor I passed a couple of parked BMWs outside a diner. I waved to one of the riders, since BMW riders always wave back smile.gif. There was an LT and a GS.


Then I took 11 over the top of the lake and back down on 103A S. I needed to get back, so I took King Hill Road (east) back toward 89. That's where the picture of the church was taken. On the way home I stopped at Second Wind BMW in Amherst, NH to pick up something and what do I see in the parking lot - the LT and GS. I found the riders inside and we talked a bit. There are always friendly riders when I'm at Second Wind.


All in all, another good ride and a meal - maybe that's my specialty.



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Nice pictures! I need to be better with picture taking, but tend to just get caught up in the ride and don't want to stop. grin.gif


That's one of my favorite areas to ride, up around the lakes.


I ended up riding the "Blue" ride in the New Hampshire Moto-Maps book with a friend of mine (on an R1200RT) last Friday. Very nice ride out in Western NH - It does a loop around Rt 9E -> 123N -> 10N -> 31S -> 9E -> 149S -> 77W -> 13S -> 101W -> 137S -> 124W -> 101W. Holy cow - I didn't realize how many routes that was when we were riding it - the GPS did all the guiding smile.gif


Lots of nice twisties, very interesting little towns, and lots of open stretches with almost no traffic.


From the seacoast of NH, including a stop for lunch and a couple of pit stops, it was about a 7 hour ride.


Looks like we have a nice weekend in store coming up, hope to get out there and log some more miles! clap.gif



'05 R1200ST

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Hey Keith,


Thx for the flashback! I grew up in NH and spent a couple of summer outings on Sunapee with friends and family. thumbsup.gif


I seem to recall that Route's 4 and 107 toward the coast would be ideal for a day trip. Hell, even route 28 up into Laconia, especially as fall approaches!


And there's always Weirs Beach! Ah yes, Weirs beach! Hmm..., I think I'll leave that for another forum... blush.giflmao.gif


Anyway, thx again for posting (hint - take more pics next time tongue.gif)!

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