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Up the right coast


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I just got back this morning from riding my 96 R1100RT from Florida to Connecticut... Going up I was on a mission to get there, but was avoiding the direct route of interstates.. I rode 1530 miles in 22.5 hours... I was tired!! Got my share of rain in Virginia and plenty of fog in NY at 3AM... Next day I rode up to Cape Cod to see the Mayflower and Plymouth rock, which I was told was a replacement cuz the last one disappeared.. Hmmmm. The next couple days it rained and was little windy from the Ernesto storm leftovers.. Coming back to Florida was a longer ride, but less miles.... I rode 1420 in 24 hours, but the weather was pretty bad coming through Virginia and N. Carolina...Got more than my share of rain.... Sure glad I have the new HES on there, the last one left me stranded when it rained....

Gas prices were the best in S. Carolina at $2.37 for reg. and the worst was NY at $3.07 for reg.... Anyway it was fun, and I will probably be riding to New Hampshire next week riding with my friend who I gave my Kaw. Concours to when I bought the RT..

Allen.....Non recovering Ridaholic

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