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Broken left side fairing question.


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While replacing the battery, I broke that annoying left side fairing (not main fairing) piece which houses the handgrip for putting the bike on the centerstand. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif


What I broke is that little plastic piece that sticks into the rubber grommet on the bike. I thought I'd read that this was a common problem but am unable to locate the threads in a search.


Any repair sugggestions will be welcome.

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Plastex is the only way to go. I tried epoxy and that failed. I even lubed the post & rubber grommet it fits into but it still came off the next time I pulled the panel. Plastex makes it all nice.



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Mine was broken by the service guys a while back. frown.gif I have tried a few things to stick it back together but nothing has worked. However I have found with the two lugs at the bottom still OK and the twist lock at the top also OK the panel has remained secure despite the broken lug.

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