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Right side spark plug cover


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Good Morning all,


The right side spark plug cover on my 1996 R1100RT disappeared last fall. It's probably lying along the side of some road somewhere. I've had absolutley zero luck in getting a replacement. My friendly neighborhood BMW dealer ordered one about 6 months ago. Nothing. I'm on the waiting list at Beemer Boneyard. Nothing. I've checked Cycle Gadgets and a few others. Nothing. Does anyone have the name of a vendor who makes a replacement?


Best Wishes, Mark Shuell.

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Out of curiosity I checked at Bob's BMW online site and they seem to have the part you want:

BMW #11141342980 for $15.

I just ordered some other parts from them over the holiday weekend and they arrived the day after shipping (don't know how!) so I'm impressed with their service in a big way.

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