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36000 mile service


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i am getting a 36000 miles service tomorrow. i have an1150rt 2004. i am not taking it to the dealership as they charged me $485 for a set of z6s. i am going to a mechanic who worked for the dealership i bought the bike from. he no longer works for them and has opened his own shop. what would you expect a fair price for him to charge me? he is also replacing my z6s which have 9000 miles on them with a set of avons.thanks

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Yeeha! Stephen

Don't remeber what my 36k cost, but it's an expensive one. With the annual brake service, alternator belt, and air filter due this time, plus a set of tires, I would expect the tag to push $1k. At least between $750 and there. How's your brake pads looking... and throttle cables?


OK, I had to go look. The last big service done by the dealership included a belt, both brake flushes, air filter, and 2 Z-6 tires was $916. (no brake pads, no throttle cables... did those myself)


That was the last dealer service. I've done the rest myself. This was the service where they charged $120 labor to mount the tires. Yikes!

I went to the Tech Days and learned to do the services myself. Including the brake flush. Now I only pay for parts.


Hope that helps.

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