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Adhesive din plug holders


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I've seen these used to hold the din plugs from Autocom systems. They seem to adhere to bike bodywork or helmet sides and provide a place to clip your plugs when not in use instead of them hanging loose.


What are they called and where can I buy them?





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Check West Marine boat hardware online. They don't have the adhesive but you can apply some double sided tape. They are used on boats to clip miscellaneous items. I went a different route on my RT. I picked up some large O-rings at the hardware store and pinched them underneath the rails on my gas tank so that only a small loop stuck out. They hold the din plugs nicely and look real clean. I also found some small plastic caps like the larger ones used on chair legs that fit the din connectors perfectly. Makes for a nice finish and keeps dirt and water out of the connectors when not in use.

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