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Drumlanrig Castle


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Most people driving into Scotland from the south come closer to this place than they may imagine. It's an excellent ride out from the motorway of about 20-25minutes, and if you're passing and have the time, then it's worth it. It's clearly signposted from both carriageways of the M74.


Made infamous, just a few years ago by the theft of a £6m renaissance piece (valued at £2m by the owner dopeslap.gif) it hasn't really got any deserved attention. The owner, The Duke of Buccleugh (p. buck-cloo grin.gif) owns a considerable slice of Scotland too. For the locals, it's a nice half day loop from the central belt.




It's a popular location for car clubs to meet up due to the extensive and essentially unspoilt surrounding land. Very attractive part of lowland Scotland.




As far as I know the painting was never returned or found.

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So many cool places to visit in this huge world, it would be nice to have the time and money for unlimited travel.


You don't need unlimited time or unlimited money. You just have to know how not to waste any of either. 1 day and $20 for gas and lunch is all you need to have an excellent adventure. Everyone here lives within 100 miles of 100 cool destinations, you just have to go out and find them.


Adventure doesn't increase as a function of distance from the old hearth and home. It just seems to take time for some people to break out of the comfort zone and really open their eyes to what is right in front of them.

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