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front axle grease


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Can anyone clue me in on what kind of axle grease to use on the front axle? It looks like it has graphite?


The grease on a bike axle is only there to stop it corroding into place. Any grease or anti-seize will do - I use whichever grease tub I pick up first grin.gif



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I agree with Andy; almost anything will do the job. Manual calls for 'Shell Rotella EP', so I used an EP (extreme pressure) of my choice (Mobil-1), since I had some laying around.

Don't know what the heck my bike had from the factory, but was awful. Clean everything real good, and just put a very thin coat of EP grease in the entire axle, and inside the hole surfaces in the forks.

Notice the owner's manual has errors (either on the numbers or left/right words) on the reassembly procedure of the wheel. If you pay attention, when you tighten the axle nut, wheel and left fork become fused together, so the LEFT pinch bolt (as sitting on the bike) should be tightened first.

The right is the one which can move left and right when compressing the suspension, and that's the one which should be tightened after doing so. Hope this helps.

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