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Route 66


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I'm undertaking a trip from Chigago to Santa Monica on the 1st October with 60 other riders. See details HERE I have both textile gear and leather gear. What are your recommendations for this trip bearing climatic conditions in mind? Thanks in advance thumbsup.gif

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I made a closely similar trip but from the West Coast to New York City. The biggest surprise you will have along Rt. 66 will be the wind. I did it in early May and the heat was just starting up. You may not have that level of heat but I believe you will have to ride in a considerable amount of wind...across Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and parts of California...especially around Palm Springs California where the mountains have a windmill farm.


In addition you will be riding with long haul trucks that will be traveling at 80 MPH pulling 53 foot trailers.


I suggest you have a bright colored reflective vest over you riding clothes. Be sure to leave enough spacing between you and other bikes and do not ride with another bike side by side. If you can find some windy places to ride back home go there and practice riding with high gusty and directionally changing winds.


It should also still be fairly hot when you get into the above states so I would suggest you get one of the water bag back packs so you can stay hydrated as you drive. I was amazed as to how often I had to stop for water as I was coming across. You will be more comfortable and in better control if you stay well hydrated. Also, keep some snacks with you on the bike that you can eat through your helmet visor for continuing energy.


Finally, bring sun glasses for under your helmet and dress in layers. You will be going west and the long stretches of open space and the sun will be hard on your eyes in the afternoon. You want layers under your riding gear to be able to adjust your temperature as conditions change. It is also possible you could get some rain as you travel cross-country.


Hope this helps get you started.



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Hi guy,


You are picking a great time to go. I think the key will be to bring layers of clothes. Through the deserts temps could easily be quite warm, but mornings chilly. Changing weather will have you adding or taking off layers to remain comfortable.


Have fun, don't forget to stay hydrated. The advice to bring a Camelbak is a good one...




Steve in So Cal

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