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Avon/Dunlop Expected Millage


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I won't even try to explain how I have an Avon Azaro on the front and a Dunlop Sportmax D220 on the rear. Anyway I am going to a rally next week where I will ride about 5000 miles. Question the Avon has about 4700 miles and the Dunlop 3300 miles. Any thoughts on will I get through this or should I and I had to say (because I have spent more on tires this year etc........) need to buy new tires before this event. Most of the rally will be slab with about 50% in the desert of Utah and Nevada. Your thoughts and wisdom are very much appreciated.

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I think that my mileage on the Azaros at 15,000+ is not typical, but think about it this way: Why don't you pop for a new set, spoon them on in your garage, then that's one thing you won't have to think about. Keep the existing set and put them back on for when you have other running around to do as opposed to a 5000 mile rally. The mileage alone you expect might be okay, (might not too) but if you encounter any chip seal or gravel & tar (is that the same thing?) or etc, etc, then you'll be thinking about your tires rather than completing the rally.


Tire wear is not something to chance in a mini-endurance event. Good luck! smile.gif

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