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Autocom install. R1200ST. The Craig Way


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As all ST owners will know, there is an extreme lack of cubby holes and stowage for anything at all on this bike, thus I removed the panels and fitted the Autocom system hard wired into the bike as my jacket pockets and necessity for tank bank was becoming a slight annoyance. Yesteday I fitted the Autocom unit and ran power to the tail pack for housing my phone, radio and any other unit requiring 12V. Pics as below.


Autocom unit installed:


Full route of the wiring. Note, I simply put both cables into a plug and have plugged them into the regular BMW fitted outlet.


Removal of tail light to instal cables to tail pack.


Finalised tail pack wiring. I wanted to conceal this as much as possible.


Home made battery eliminator.


Tail pack complete.


Krissy takes a test ride. He said it was fine.



Thanks to Andy for the tip on pic resizing and Steve for the imaging installation. thumbsup.gif


It's a reasonable installation process and nothing here interferes with any potential for warranty claims on the bike, it's all CANBUS protected too. I will keep my phone in the tailpack when riding and may wedge it in with a foam slice, as the plug came unfastened too often when in the pocket. Walkie talkie is removable thus the questionable security of Touratech tailpack doesn't worry me too much.

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