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Pulling the valve covers


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I'm attempting to do my own 6k service without the service manual, maybe not a great idea but anyway... When pulling the valve covers off do you have to remove the spark plug wire cap from under the little horizontal plastic cover before you attempt to remove the valve covers themselves? A search of old threads doesn't seem to be providing me with any clear info except some posts that say you do and some what sort of suggest you don't have to unless you want to check the plugs?

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Disconnect the wire from the sparkplug mounted coil and then use a special tool to remove the coil before you remove the valve cover. Not removing the wire first may cause distress to the wiring when the coil releases and pops out, using the wire as a tether. Was told this by my local tech.



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aw shucks so the plug cap comes off but the plug stays in? Well I'll see what kind of Rube Goldberg tool I can put together from the various junk I have in my garage.

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It turns out it was super easy, I was worried about nothing. You don't really need the special tool either.


What I did was I took a 22mm open end wrench, wrapped a shop cloth around it to prevent things from getting scratched. I then put the wrench more or less into the grooves where the special tool would go. I hooked my finger behind the plug on the other side and then used the wrench and my finger to gently lever the spark plug cap out.

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