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96 RT Current Draw Question


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Can anyone tell me the current load capability of the side-stand switch circuit?


I want to wire my seat heater through it temporarily. The heater is protected by a 10A fuse, so I’m guessing it will draw 6 or 7 amps on high.


This winter I'm going to install an auxiliary fuse block powered through a relay. Until winter I’m not sure I’m going to have time to pull the fuse panel. I’ve heard that it is very involved.


HOWEVER Between now and then I’m taking a trip through Bear Tooth pass in late Sep/Early Oct. and I want a warm butt!


Any other suggestions?

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Boxerdad, no idea on how much current that side stand switch can handle (probably not enough though).. Why not power your seat with a 10 amp fused circuit directly from the battery posts & use a small Bosch relay triggered by either that side stand switch or other circuit of choice. That way you know the load will be light on the controling circuit switch..



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There's no need to remove the complete fuse panel. If you want a relatively temporary connection, remove the appropriate fuse and place the feed wire in the fuse socket. It will be secured by the blade of the fuse.

You can run the wire out of the fuse box by putting it through the small drain hole in the bottom corner of the fuse compartment.

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No way will it work. If you must, use the switch to trigger a relay that then provides power to seats.


I presume regardless you're also going to disconnect the switch from it's original use. eek.gif

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