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Montana Video


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A few weeks ago, I announced I was working on a Montana video tribute. You can see the results at the following link-


For those who've spent time in Montana I hope these images conjure up good memories, for y'all yet to sample this awesome state, all I can say is, "what's taking you so long?"




Many thanks to all that contributed photos. I tried to give credit, but a few managed to slip thru the cracks, because my ISP dropped the orginal email after I unzipped the attached files. Shoot me a email and I'll try to fix it.


I had enough material for several videos, unfotunately my sound track is only 5 minutes long, and that kind of limited me. I tried to use photos of everyday images, because there are so many of Glacier to see out here already, although there are a few from park in mix.


The soundtrack is a low volume instrumental, and I suggest turning your volume up early.

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I was only talking to somebody yesterday about this place [ after seeing a news report on tv ]

Montana ...wow .............. three times the size of France , and stunning scenery / riding country as well ........... amazing .

Great video , thanks for sharing .



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Guy, one of the best! Very moving.


Other videographers, did you catch that little phrase? "my sound track is only 5 minutes long, and that kind of limited me." Brevity. Concentrated power. More is not neccessarily better. Guy shows how it should be done.

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Great video, Guy. I just spent a couple days in Montana in July. Entered from Idaho on US93, went up to Glacier NP then picked up US2 and took it across Montana and onto Duluth.


Thanks for the video.

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