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1150RT Radio Question


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I assume that all radios are not made equal and therefore, there are those that fit into the radio compartment and those that don't.


Is this just a measurement or is there something else that I should reference to determine whether a radio will retrofit?





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It is a DIN size radio......


DIN, DIN-1/2 and Double-DIN refers to the physical size of the radio’s height when looking straight at the face plate of the radio. DIN or single-DIN, refers to what would be called a standard height or single slot radio found in most vehicles from the mid-sixties on, and is the standard height of most after-market radios. DIN-1/2 (DIN and a half) sized radios refer to a radio that is one and one half the size of a standard DIN-sized radio. Most newer GM and Chrysler vehicles now have DIN-1/2 sized radios installed as their standard factory radio. Double-DIN radios are radios that are twice the height of a single DIN radio. Typically, these radios will have both a cassette player and a CD player in the radio, which is one of the reasons why the extra height is needed. Many newer Ford, Honda, Toyota and several other imported vehicles have double-DIN sized radios installed.



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