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Special Socket for Final Drive Bearing lock nut


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I posted in another threadlink that I had made special sockets for this application and would post photos. Here they are attached. I can't figure out how to embed them.


I have 3 orders and will ship one today and the other two when the checks get here. These sockets are tougher than I remembered and they are eating up tooling and time. Sorry but I have to raise the price on future orders to $30 shipped--still a lot less than you'll pay at bmw. Those of you who bought at $23 consider yourself to be rewarded for fast action. Cheers, Jerry


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Thanks scarecrow. Now you've given me a fish and I'm no longer hungry but I'm worried about the future and I hope you'll teach me to fish. --Jerry

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There was once a good discussion of this in the "Discussion Board Suppoty" forum. I didn't see it with a quick glance, but if nothing else you should be able to do a quick search and find the rules.


What I did was simply follow the link to each of your attachments, copy the entire url, and then add it with the "image" Instant UBB code to my post. click on "image" and a pop up box asks you for the url; paste in what you copied and hit enter. That's it. You can edit your own post and add the links assuming you do it within the time limit for editing your posts.


There are also free sites wherein you can post pictures (places like imageshack and photobucket and then post pointing back to them.


Have fun fishing!

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