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VIDEO: How I promise not to ride and where...


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I actually made this video after I made it out of the desert of Ely, NV. Recently I went somewhere inappropriate and my wife said, "Didn't you promise the gang that you weren't going to ride there again?"


Me, "Errrr, no, I never published the video, so, errr, I'm not really breaking my promise." wink.gif


Anyway, this is where I was camping:



And here is the Video Proclamation. grin.gif

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Yeah, boy! That's a great promise....."A 2 wheel sedan" Hmmmm. Yeah. So, anyways, enough commercials. Back to the bike search. (eyes rolling)

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Fun! I've been to Ely of all places.


Hey, sounds like there's some lung issue: a cough or two and some wheezyness...I hear something in there. Get to a Pulmonist.



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Steve sez:

I need a GS




Until you secure the right tool for the job, I'm willing to overlook your breaking of the promise.


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