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Kahedo Seats


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I've had my R1200RT for a year now and am OK with the stock seat, but my wife is very unhappy with the pillon seat. It is pitched forward so that she slides into me and her tailbone is very sore at the end of a day's ride. The Kahedo seats shown in the Touratech catalog look as though they have the proper shape. Does anyone have any comments about passenger comfort using the Kahedo seats? I don't like the fitted saddle type seats such as Mayer or Corbin. The Kahedo seats look like they should work for both of us.

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Tena and I rode 9200 miles this summer on our R1200RT. My butt was continually sore. Tena was just fine for the entire trip. It was often she who would say "Let's go on to the next town and then look for a motel." I was looking forward to having a day off.


I'm looking forward to a new seat, but the pillion seat will remain unchanged. Weird, huh?


Oh, the bike was otherwise wonderful.

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We purchased a pair of Kahedo seats for our R1200RT in June and has used them now for over 9000 km. They are much more comfortable than the original BMW seats, both for the driver and the passenger (my wife). She says that the Kahedo seats cann't even be compaired to the stock seat. She is not sliding forward any more when I am braking. We can now ride several hours before our bottom is hurting, with the stock seats an hour was enough.

We picked up the seats directly from Kahedo in Germany and paid 450 Euro for a heated driver and a passenger seat in exchange with the stock seats.

The seats are identical to the Touratech seats. I have attached a picture from Kahedo. The seats are highly recommended and the Kahedo people very serviceminded.




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How are you buying them? It's my understanding Touratech USA doesn't carry the Kahedo seats and Touratech stores outside their respective cointries are not allowed to ship to the continental US.


I'm very interested in these seats so if you discover a way to buy them please let me know.



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I am also very interested in the Kahedo seats, but I am in the USA myself. I just checked the Touratech USA website and the seats aren't offered here yet. I did a currency conversion based on the prices on the UK site and the price is more reasonable than the Corbin and Sargent seats here in the USA.


I tried the Sargent seat a few weeks ago, but my rear doesn't happen to fare any better than the stock seat does, so I sent the seat back. Just looking at the pictures of the Kahedo, I think that would be the seat shape that would suit me well.

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