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Replace rear shock only?


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My new R1200RT has a very soft rear suspension, particularly for luggage and a passenger. Has anyone replaced just the rear shock vs. both with an aftermarket such as Ohlins or Wilbers?

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I changed the rear only on my 1150RT (Ohlins) and was very happy with the huge inprovement .... I have just changed both front and rear on my 1200RT (Ohlins again)and am even happier with the result ... (I guess, at the price I would always say that)


My theory was if the rear was that bad ... then it is fair to assume that the front shock will also be poor ... its just that its easier to identify the rears lack of performance


If you can ... change both .. you will be rewarded twice as much .. also I removed the Ohlins from my 1150 prior to trading it and sold it for 70% of the original cost .. means the overall cost of owership was pretty small

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The front shock on my non-ESA 2005 RT seemed to be adequate, at least compared to the rear - which was not adequate for 2-up riding. I ordered the rear from Klaus at Wilbers USA. It came in 2 days after my bike was backed into by a woman without insurance...... I now have a red ESA 2006. I didn't want the ESA, but took what was available. The ESA seems to have just a little more spring and damping available, but still not adequate. So - I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and buy a front (I don't think the ESA will like having just the front on there), or stay with the ESA as along as possible, until Ohlins comes out with their version, ESA compatible. I did replace just the rear shock on my FJR, and it made a HUGE difference.....I don't know if Wilbers will give me full credit on a return - I'd guess not since they are custom built. I've played a little phone tag with Klaus so far.


Is your bike an ESA bike? If it's not, i'd suggest you consider going for the rear shock first, and see how that works for you. If it is ESA, so far my info is both need to be replaced.

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