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Yet Another Shifting Question


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well to me 5-6 is smooooth. 2004 rt. i have a different question. 2 actually. 1) when downshifting from higher speeds aka an off ramp. i find it difficult to do it without scary noises. especially if i use the brakes to bring it down and skip two gears or so by braking. i.e. 4h - 2nd do i just crunch a go there too? just get a better handle on higher rpm shift points? 2) crap...should of asked it first. it was a new one and i forgot it already. thats ok. here is another. any chance 2004 rt tupperware would fit on a 2005? just curious.

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When downshifting, blip the throttle to help match the engine RPMs to the transmission RPMs. This will put a lot less stress on the gears and the clutch and should make for a quieter shift. Takes some practice! thumbsup.gif


2004 and 2005 are totally different eek.gif

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any chance 2004 rt tupperware would fit on a 2005?
Are we asking 2005 R1150RT (there are a few) or 2005 R1200RT? If the former, yes, if the later, no way.
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