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Is something missing here? (Photo)


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Above the left cylinder, the air intake from the front of the bike "sort of" connects to another tube with a much smaller diameter. It has no sleeve making a firm connection and looks a little "non-BMW" somehow. I know it's just air, but is something missing here? Just curious.



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Nothing missing, just one of those quirks of design where one size has to fit all. The naked bikes have a clean intake, the faired bikes have to pipe air in. By having this tube-in-a-tube design, the air pressure at the outlet of the smaller diameter pipe is lower than at its input end, ensuring good airflow.



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Ya' don't get water into the air cleaner box that way, no matter how hard it's raining. Just air.



Gee, I always thought it was to keep the short mice out of the airbox dopeslap.gif

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