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Steve1962's new video


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Steve thanks for both videos, defenitely very relaxing.

I like the secound most. ( morse ) thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

? Steve where is your camera install ?

Now I understand why you take so beautifull photos, I have a bunch of them as a wallpaper.


Congratulations, for a work well done. clap.gifclap.gif



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Thanks very much.


The camera set up is very basic - just some hook and loop velcro - attach a piece to the crash helmet , and another to the side of the bullet camera itself - even though the side surface of the bullet camera is semi circular , it adheres very well to the helmet , with little or no vibration ..the video camera sits in the tankbag , with a lead connecting to the bulet cam .


I run the power lead [ for the bullet cam ] through the jacket arm , and into the power socket on the bike .


I've also done several with the bullet camera fixed [ using the velcro method ] to the bike , in the grill under the headlights .........







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Mike ,

The road to Bibury is good biking fare , if a bit rough [ surface ] in places.it's another road not well used [ except in summer season ] and rewarding to ride .


I have found the bulletcam/ video camera thing an interesting challenge , and sometimes it doesn't quite pan out as planned , nevertheless it's good fun .



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