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Oregon's Clackamas River along Hwy 224


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It started of as a simple ride but got longer & longer as the day rolled on. I deviated from my plan to ride 224 to 211 when I missed the turn to 211. Oh well, the best part of 224 is from Estacada to Detroit anyway so I rode on to Lake Detroit and the jnction of hwy 22. I saw some of the damage done by the wild fires on Mt. Helen as I cruised the twisties. That didn't stop me from parking the bike on numerous ocassions to get the right angle on these river photos. The river is really low because we haven't had a decent rain since the beginning of June. Once on hwy 22 I picked a family Mexican Restaurant caled the Sierra. It's located in Gates, OR and has the best chicken Tostada I've ever eaten. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the food. It doesn't get much better than a 220 mile cruise down Oregon's scenic byways.




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OK, Bob, that is my FAVORITE road in all of Oregon. And I don't have my bike here anymore. Please ride it again and take more pics of those twistys! I did that road with Kolseth last year and he completely wore me out.

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Nice ride report and pics. Like Fasterpill [Hi, Phil!] I love Breitenbush road from Detroit Lake to Estacada. Next time, you might turn off at Forest Road 57/ 58 at about midway--it's all paved and you'll come out near Mt Hood.

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BenderBill - I saw the turnoff on the forest road you mentioned but it was closed due to the forest fires they are still fighting on Mt. Hood.

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