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TB Rebuild?????


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My right TB butterfly is starting to "wobble" quite a bit. This is most noticeable at idle, the engine occasionally stumbles when idling at 1300 rpm or so. I can make it "clack" against the idle stop screw if I take alll of the slack out of the throttle cable. It is just the right side that has this problem. It doesn't really seem to effect anything noticeable when running down the road, but when decelerating with the throttle closed, I have more popping in the exhaust than I used to. I suspect that there are bearings of some sort in the TB that the butterfly shaft rides on. I would expect them to be some type of bronze bushing. It would seem to me that sooner or later the "wobble" will become serious enough to create poor throttle control. I suppose if it goes on long enough the shaft would come out and throttle control would be come impossible? Does any one have a source to get the TB rebuilt? I don't think this looks like a job I want to do myself?

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