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Best bike radar detector?


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I just decided that I need a radar detector, and am wondering if anyone has feedback on what is the best and the most effective mount. I am leaning toward a Passport Escort 8500. Anyone have any experience with this?

cheers and thanks in advance


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I have an 8500 and I like it.


I had a V1 and I really liked it.


I got tickets with both, and you will too with either...


BUT, as I told the officer who expounded (while writing me a ticket) "Radar detectors are great, but it didn't save you this time..." to which I responded.."You nailed me this time for sure, but I'm guessing I beat you more than you catch me..."


We both smiled, and I rode off $210 lighter and two points heavier...


Oh, back to the subject, 8500 is a great detector.

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Just get a V1 and be done with it. From time to time someone comes up with something better (possible the 8500 at the moment) but when the newer version of the V1 is released you can (for a nominal fee vs. buying new) get yours upgraded.....plus the directional arrows, type of signal, strength of signal and # of sources info are vital....

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Just last night my V-1 paid for itself coming home at 1100pm....having reach the speed of tow-away in handcuffs on a streataway with an ocean view i got a half a bleep, kinda far off, slowed it down to abouta 300.00 ticket into a long sweeper and the bleep became increasingly stronger as i brought it under a 65.00 ticket. I came around the bend and nothing, huh...... I KNOW he's there as i ride on at 55.........Just as i start up the hill two miles away he blasted me from the rear... Thanks Mr. Valintine

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