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Pirelli Diablo Strada Motorcycle Street Tires ... Any Reviews


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Bought a set during when they were offering a free front tire when you bought a rear tire. They stick well and work ok in the rain but the rear is all but gone at 5000 miles. I ride rather agressively and tip the scales at 260. I wouldn't buy them again because of the wear issues.

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I tried a set. My rear tire was also toast after about 5500 miles.

Switched to Metzler Z6's and I think they stick better. We'll see how long they last.



2004 R1150RT

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I put a set on my y2k RT about 2000 miles ago. I like the way they turn. Lately I've plenty of oppurtunity to ride in the rain with them and they stick just fine.

If I get 5-6000 out of them I'll be very happy. Theonly tire that I get much more than that from are the Mich. Pilot Roads, and those are a little heavier in a turn.

Incidently, I always wear out my front tire first.

Good Riding,


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Ran across an ad for these. Just wondering if any members have experience / comments/ reviews.
I ran a set on my RT. The rear was toast at 4K. They didn't stick as well as they should. The Z6 and even the ME880 has better grip. Didn't get to use them in the rain. But, the tires were quite squirrly on painted lines, worst I have experienced. And forget about tar snakes, down right scary! The front was gone after 6K. I won't be putting a set of these on again.


I am sticking with the 880's as long as they are available. thumbsup.gif

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I've got a set on my R1100S. I put them on 4,000 miles ago and have really only ridden highway miles on them. So far there is remarkably little wear. Unless they fade REALLY fast in the next 1,000 miles, I forsee at least 6-8,000 miles of life.

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I've put a set on my RT 4000 miles ago and they've got a lot of life left. Unless they fade REALLY fast, I don't forsee a problem getting 5500+ on them. While that may seem short compared the life some report on other tires, the longest life I've gotten out of any tire is 7600 on Azaros. (Disclaimer: I haven't run 880's or MEZ6's, yet) I like the Stradas, they're very neutral, stick well, and are good in the wet. I used to like the Pirelli Dragon GTS until they stopped importing them. I like these at least as well and the GTS's were toast at 4000-4500 miles.


As an aside, the more I read tire threads the less I pay attention to them. Unless it's somebody with a similar riding style who rides on similar roads, the variations are too great to draw any conclusions from them. I see reports of Pilot Roads being a great life tire with reports of 8000-10000 miles. The best I ever got was 6400 and I may get that out of the Stradas, which others hate for their poor life. confused.gif

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