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Fairing screws wont come out


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Previous owner of my recently purchased R1100RT has over tightened 2 of the screws at the side of the fuel tank. When I try to take them out, (to replace clutch cable) I can feel the nut inside turning. Really want to avoid drilling them if possible. Any ideas? Thanks.

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If these are two of the screws at the top of the tank cover, just remove ALL the other screws on that side and remove the tupperware. Once you have it off (Lift those stubborn screws up out of the recess) it should be easy to remove the brass inserts. You can also use loctite or another brand of super glue to glue the inserts back into the holes in the tank.



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Okay, it's the right side. Where do the screws attach?


I think that Mick's point is if the screws go into the small plate at the top of the tank (the one that has the fuel filler going through it), you can remove the side cover and the top trim cover and the bad nuts together.


Remove the left side cover and take off the fuel filler cap. Now remove the right side cover and the top trim piece together. You might have to spend some time working the two "loose" brass nuts out of their pockets in the tank, but they should eventually lift out.


Now you'll need to get the brass nuts off the screws and glue the nuts back into their pockets. Then reassemble the plastic. Have fun with the fuel filler cap!


Your alternative is to grind the heads off the two screws to remove the fairing, and then do heaven knows what to get the loose nuts out of their pockets.


(How'd I do, Mick?)



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Pretty good Bill,


BUT, the center trim piece doesn't need to come off. Mine just provides a groove for the side panels. I think we are talking about the screws with the brass inserts in the fuel tank but HE is talking about the 'clip' nuts holding the lower body panels on. If that's his problem, he could just put some needle nose pliers on the clip nut to hold it, or apply some prying leverage to the panel while unscrewing the screws.





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Jerry Johnston

Nope ! there's a lip around the assembly that keeps it on top. Don't know what keeps the lower assembly in place but it doesn't fall either.

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