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(Dash) Gear Indicator not Indicating


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'05 R1200RT gear indicator (on the dash) is not functioning.


I went for a early morning ride today. Upon returning, I decided to wash the bike. When I took it out for a spin afterward, the dash only displayed half the gears (4th thru 6th); by the time I returned home, no numbers were showing at all.


The bike runs fine except for no longer displaying what gear the bike is in. All other "dashboard" components/indicators seem to be functioning.


Checked the Repair Manual CD; it refers to a "POTENTIOMETER" as the only electricial transmission part. Made sure it is plugged in; now I am completely stumped.


Any thoughts/ideas?



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It's the aux. lights you added Mike.




Just kidding! wink.gif


The potentiometer is indeed the likely culprit, but it could be a simple as unplugged somewhere. If you want to mess with it, trace the wiring from it potentiometer at the rear of the tranny. OTOH, '05 = in warranty = let the dealer fix it.

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