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Painting large topcase of R1200RT


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I'd like to have the large topcase of my 2005 R1200RT painted to match the Piedmont Red.


Has anyone been able to remove the silver top half from the lining so that it can be painted without the lower half attached? I have removed the "leather" pad, but it appears the silver section is glued into place. How do I remove it?





rouge rogue

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The entire top is shown as one part# I believe.

I just disconnected the strap, took the screws out of the hinges where they go through the bottom shell, and removed the pad.

I took it to the painters place like that, and they masked the inner shell and hinges before painting.

I wasn't too sure either if the inner shell would release, and didn't want to mess w/ it.


Oh, BTW, one of the screws for the hinge came stripped from the factory...when I removed it, the plastic threads came with.

I had to epoxy the hinge screw hole and redrill. No biggie, just wasn't expecting that from a $700 top box. eek.gifdopeslap.gifconfused.gif

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I took my tothe dealer as a whole unit and it came back painted so don't know if they took it apart or not.


Looks much better painted to match the bike IMHO.

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What color is yours? I have a Granite Gray and would love to see a picture of a Granite Gray with the large top case painted to match. Been thinking about doing it since I got the bike. Could you attach/post a photo?


Thanks smile.gif

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I took my whole topcase to a painter, so I don't know how he took it apart, but did want to give a big thumbsup.gif to painting the topcase to match. Best move ever, especially on the red!

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I wish BMW offered a large, Piedmont Red topcase. I would've purchased one in 2005. Meanwhile, if anyone has some thoughts of how to get it painted (and look excellent) in the Chicago area, I'm all ears. confused.gif

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I just brought mine back to the dealer (needed it for a weekend ride after it arrived) and he had the color code and his painter matched it perfectly.

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Gerald...which dealer and how much did he charge?? How long did they need to do the job?




Geez Jim that's a lot of questions this early in the morning. I brought it to Motor Sports World in Ottawa and I think he had it for about a week. Just found the invoice and they charged me $260.

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Thanks Gerald! Wonder if Jessie could do it...just kidding, he does everything else so well. I must admit the case looks great. Maybe this winter...

I'm trying to get caught up with the 'yard work' (have a week off) in time to head up to the Calabogie area for a day or maybe two. Hate to let this week of great biking weather go by, winter isn't so far away...again :-(.



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