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ztechnik eurosport muffler, 04 RT, anyone have some input


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thinking about getting one but cant find alot of info on it, does it have the catalytic converter along with it or what.pros and cons please, you will not hurt my feelings.

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No direct experience with that piece but, I have a Ztechnic exhaust sytstem on my R1100S and couldn't be more pleased with its appearance and durability. I think they make some pretty good products.

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I'm thinking of the same z4000( i think thats the model name) for my r850r. There is no cat, they have a delete pipe that takes its place. Thats one of the biggest reasons for the weight loss is losing the cat.

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I have the Ztechnic 4001 on my 00RT About 6 lbs total weight, nice mellow tone (sounds similar to Remus). Permit baffels, no repack required. still have 02 sensor. 45mpg with techliounsion box. thumbsup.gif

And the biggest Plus: $500. compaired to $800.-1000.for the other guys.

PS- Bike runs a whole lot COOLER than with Cat.


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i am using the ztech with the removable baffle in stainless steel, don't know model number. no cat, but does keep o2 sensor. decent sound level with baffle in, i just perceive the exhaust with earplugs in. very loud w/o baffle. very pleased with it. no adjustments were needed, plug and play.

kept the stock system just in case.


tom collins

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