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Reading through the information regarding alternative parts, I noticed the autolite #3923 listed several times.Is this the primary plug for the dual spark engines?Is this the same # for the secondary plug?Sounds like a stupid question, but I havent yet had to change them.I have been using autolites for years and swear by them. any help would be great.Thanks. confused.gif

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John: I thank you kindly for the information. It looks like the Autolite# 3923 would be the primary, and #4162 should be the secondary for the dual spark RT.

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The Autolite motorcycle catalog doesn't actually list plugs for the '04 two-spark model. It only recommends the 3923 for the older single spark models.



I would measure the length of the Autolite you're planning to use for the secondary before you install it, making sure it's no longer than the original. You'd hate to find out the hard way, by discovering that the piston collided with the plug, whether the poster who provided that list of equivalents NGK <-> Autolite was a perfect typist.

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