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Refitting silencer to RT, advice please


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Have just removed/refitted rear wheel, which of course means swinging silencer (muffler!) to one side.


The Rider's Manual advises that the clamp needs to be aligned with 'Mark A'. This is annotated on a tiny unclear photo, and there is nothing that seems to represent an alignment mark as such on the metalwork,


Does anyone have any idea what they are on about?


Also, it calls for the clamping fastener to have a "thread locking" compound called Optimoly TA applied. Two things, here: as far as I can see from a quick Googling, Optimoly is an anti-corrosion paste, not a thread locker. Which makes more sense to me than using a Loctite style product in this location.


So, is the handbook giving wrong information? And if this does indeed need an anti-corrosion paste, would something like Copperslip do instead?


Wisdom would be appreciated, thanks.

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If you look carefully you will find a one inch line that is stamped onto the clamp--it is 180 degrees from the side with the nut and bolt.


Align the silencer so it will mate up with the fastening point on the frame, then slide the clamp so that the bolt/nut portion of the clamp in on the tire side and the alignment mark on the clamp (line) is directly over the open notch on the end of the silencer.

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