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Passenger seat question?


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I am OK with the drivers seat on my 06 R1200RT. The rear seat slopes down in front and forces my wife forward. My qusetion is, can I replace just the rear seat and can I keep the heated option. I dont want to make this look odd but I would like a different slope to the rear seat. Thanks for any advice.

By the way, its not that I do not want her close, its that as she pushes forward its uncomfortable for both of us.


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dont get her to comfortable, last time home i got SO out for a five day ride in the texas hill country, her first extende tour. one day we hit a very twisty road and went through it great, a couple hours later we hit a twisty road and the bike fekt completely wrong. . my buddy wqho was leading solo would have to wait for us much more than usual, finally realized i had given her too much room and she was leaning back against the topcase and enjoying the view. in fairness she did remember what i told her and was leaning with me but being so far bak was just making everything weird. when we finally got to a place to stop and talk we came up rith a signal and she would gety up on me in the twisties and it worked great from there. all im saying is look at all aspects before giving her extra room.

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I've had similar problems with different bikes...I found that using a back rest for be gives Mrs Whip some extra support up front and she doesn't slide around when stopping and feels much better riding on the back...


Good Luck



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