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System 5 helmet & Bluetooth


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What a nightmare:


Bought the helmet about 5 months ago on the understanding that my phone would be bluetooth connected to the helmet and soon after the i-pod and GPS.


It took 2 months to get the bluetoth device installed and after changing it (faulty unit) - (trial & error) etc., discovered that they recalled the unit. Now, with the new unit it sort of works ..... not all that clear ... but will tollerate.


BMW now advises that there are faults with the technology that need to be addressed prior to release with regard to the device that plugs in my GPS/I-Pod/phone.


Does anyone have better information to offer on this matter? Maybe in another country its been released !!!




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Much as I would love to have the BMW System 5 helmet, the cost of it is really quite prohibitive. My guess is you are probably the only one on this forum to have the helmet. Hope you get it all sorted out..


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Tio N H


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I also live in Sydney and have had the System 5 helmet with Bluetooth since last year. I have not had problems with it and love the way it works with my TomTom rider sat nav system.

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Hi It8x7,


If your having trouble with your phone and the bluetooth helmet, BMW had a recall on the unit and will replace free of charge.


Do you have any idea when the device will be available that plugs the phone, GPS and I-Pod together to give one signal to the helmet with a priority order signal?





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