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i can't find a specific thread, so here goes:


i have a side stand that has a cracked support. i bought a replacement. i can't get under the fairing with the wrench so i "assume" that the entire left panel has to be removed? yes / no?


i have a good supply of tools, but nothing fancy.


is it that simple?


are there any "tricks"?


do i need any special tools (torque wrench, etc.)?


all input is appreciated!

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Removing the tupperware is quite asy. Start by removing the seats and the 4 screws securing the belly-pan.

As there is a concealed screw behind the mirror mounting, the left side mirror needs to be removed by a thump in the forward direction with the palm of the hand.

There's a quick-release fastener at the top rear of the fairing that requires a 1/4 turn to release.

From this point, you only need to remove the rest of the screws. There is one that's harder to see in the nose of the fairing at the air intake to the oil cooler.

Take note of the different screw lengths and their locations.


Whether you need a tension wrench is contentious. It depends on how well accustomed you are to the feel of approximating tension settings.

I've removed the sidestand support once and can't recall any difficulties expect for holding the bike up.

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thx for the input and guidance! thumbsup.gif it worked like a charm and much more easily than i envisioned. dopeslap.gif i didn't have to actually take the tupperware OFF, i just unscrewed it away from the frame and that was all it needed.


oh, and i will admit, what a B#)!CH it was getting them damn springs on! eek.gif


anyway, thx again! wave.gif

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I read on this forum about a little trick involving the springs.........legend has it you can slip coins between the coils (when extended) which makes removal/replacement much easier. I have not had the opportunity to try this myself, however.

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AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif


guess i should have waited - but then if i had, you wouldn't have responded. lmao.gif


oh well, ya learn something new every day! thumbsup.gif

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