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1200GS Warranty Question...


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This goes out to those of you who have tapped the little green wire on the diagnostic socket (or perhaps an accessory outlet) while installing electrical accessories. Have you experienced warranty issues with your dealer subsequent to your modifications?


I have not. I'm just curious. I discovered this morning that my accessory socket cuts out after a few seconds, so I want my dealer to flash my software. I'd like to know what the likelihood is that they're going to moan and groan and void my warranty when they see my aux. lighting wiring.


Thanks for the feeback.

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What has been your experience with your dealer thus far??? If it's positive and you have a good relationship with them, they shouldn't have any qualms with the tap in the diagnostic plug, especially if it's only accessory socket giving you a fit ( CIP 7.0 ugrade will resolve this ). NOW, if something else FAILS ( like BMS-K/KOMBI/ZFE ), you are more prone to run into trouble. Just don't ever let the BMW NA regional rep SEE the bike if this hypothetical situation occurs, because they will surely not warranty the matter. But for now, you can probably breathe a sigh of relief, IMO

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My starter motor failed right before the UnRally and I had to trailer my bike in late on a Saturday afternoon to have it diagnosed and fixed. The service tech looked at my electrical setup (Blue Sea fuse block, powered by a relay that taps the green wire, plus another relay to power my aux lights, plus leads for rider and pillion heated clothing and a multimeter, plus a lead straight to the battery for my Battery Tender Plus) and shook his head. "What is all that? I hope you've got relays in there," he said. "Yes, I do. Two of them, and each circuit is fused. I'm pretty sure that's NOT the problem," was my reply. I could tell he was skeptical, but within 30 minutes he'd determined that the starter motor failed. After installing the new one (covered by warranty), he also discovered that the battery wasn't holding a charge properly, so it was replaced, also under warranty. So, there were two chances to gripe or deny coverage, but nothing came of it. A month later, I had my 6000 mile service done by a local independing (sharing the wealth wink.gif) and everything checked out fine, so I'm not going to worry about it.

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I have done it, no issues so far. Once the dealer said it took two attempts to get the diagnostic plug to mate up to the computer though...



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