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Power for Accessories R1200RT


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I have searched the forums but cant seem to find the answer . Can anyone who has fitted accessories to the R1200RT tell me where they took the power from please? Is there a dedicated socket hidden somewhere? I am about to fit an Autocom system. confused.gif

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I've seen this answer posted somewhere here before - tap into the rear powersocket wire. I bought my 2005 RT used and that's how the previous owner had wired his autocom. The only downside was that the power socket was disconnected (at least the way he had it wired).


Electrical connection and Touratech both have power distribution plates you can use if you'll be adding more than 1 or 2 accessories or want to have a fused power source.


I bought one of the exlectrical connection ones but haven't wired it up yet (on my RT) - I've also had one on my Tiger for a year or two and it works great.

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One more vote for the Tourtech TPS 15 CANbus Helper. So far it powers the Autocom and a readar detector on my bike. One side note. I did not power the relay circuit of the CANbus helper from the accessory socket. It was pointed out in an earlier thread that this would lead to powering the device if you were to use a battery charger that plugs into the accessory socket. I powered the TPS 15 from the circuit that powers the running lights.

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