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New Wilbers on my bike.


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I have a '01 R1100RT and I just turned over 103,000 km (61,000 miles) and I need new shocks. It's getting wallowy and loose feeling.


So I order up new Wilbers, and they arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I installed them that night. Only took a couple of hours, and no surprises.


I advised the guys in NJ that I rode 50% with a passenger and full luggage. Gave 'em our weights, and they sent shocks set up for my style of riding.


I couldn't push them too hard, as I had also just installed new tires front and rear. But as I scrubbed in the tires I started to appreciate the new ride. More in control, firmer over bumps, more solid feeling.


Tonight me and the Mrs. rode about 25 miles to dinner, and came back along the lake and over the moutain through the twisty stuff. I now think the bike handles better 2-up than solo! Even the wife says it feels more solid and planted. She's right.


I'm off to Utah and Colorado next week. I'm going to adjust these for my solo ride, and this is really going to be fun.


I give'em two thumbs up. clap.gif

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Glad you like them! Greatest investment you can make to a bike, IMHO!


Love the Wilbers on my ST as well!


Congratulations! Enjoy the trip. And of course, pictures! thumbsup.gif

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