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1200 RT Shirt?


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Hi Guys,

I want to purchase the shirt pictured here, but I only see it on non-U.S. websites and with no apparrent way to buy it. Does anyone know where I can get one of these (XL)?

(see attachment)


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You can get it from your local BMW dealer in the Apparel Catalog. They should have it. They can order just about every apparel item available from BMW. Try Bobs BMW website used to have an extensive catalog, don't know if carries the apparel anymore. Try BMW's website here it the US as well.

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I asked my dealer today and they said they can't get them. They were told there was not a "big enough demand" in the U.S. I replied that I was demanding and asked if I was big enough; they agreed I might be but I still don't think I translate into their idea of "big demand". grin.gif


Canada might be a possibility, but I haven't found an online store that offered them as of yet. Checked Wolf, but they just had a form to receive a catalog.

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just ordered the T-shirt from Budds BMW in Oakville ON, Canada. Can$33.58. Should have it tomorrow they say. So they seem readily available. Here is a ref# I found on a French website: 72 607 689 770/5 Have your dealer try it. Good luck!


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Just checked with my dealer and he says the item has been "discontinued" - whatever that means. He's going to check if they have any left over somewhere in the store.

If anyone has any better info, I would be interested.

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