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Autocom input question (Dual Audio or Dual Music input?)


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I want to hook my GPS up to my Pro-M1 unit along with my XM and bike to bike radio. I do not want the 20 second delay that occurs with bike to bike when the GPS is giving directions.


The GPS and Kenwood (bike to bike) is bike powered, the XM is self powered. I am not using any isolated leads and the sound is good so far.


In order to not have the 20 second delay with the bike to bike, would I want to use the "Isolated Input: Dual Audio" (Part Number 1282) that goes into the phone jack - or - do I want to use the "Dual Music Input" (Part Number 1317) for the music jack?


I would like to combine the XM and the GPS, so I am assuming I would use the Dual Music Input, but someone at Autocom told me it wont work since the GPS is mono.


Thanks for any help

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I have a Pro 7 that I understand is pretty much the same as the Pro M-1. I connect a cell phone, factory radio/CD player (could be XM radio), Kenwood bike-to-bike and radar detector (could be GPS). When triggered the radar detector causes the music volume to drop immediatly. The music volume returns several seconds after the radar detector stops. I haven't tried using bike-to bike while the radar detector is going off (way too much sensory overload for my feeble mind) so I don't know what happens to bike-to-bike capability in this circumstance. If you think this info could help contact me off this site at ghfountain@aol.com and I will share the details.

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rthunt -


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I believe the Pro 7 and M1 are very similar.


Can you tell me what jacks have which electronics installed in them? You said you have a cell phone, factory radio/CD player (could be XM radio), Kenwood bike-to-bike and radar detector (could be GPS).


I have 2 jacks - "MUSIC" and "AUX". I got the GPS to work in the AUX while music was playing in the "MUSIC" jack. I hit the voice on the GPS and used another FRS radio to see what would happen. The music was cut out while the voice of the GPS was going and I could not hear bike to bike for about 15 seconds (after 15 seconds the music faded back in).


I was thinking about splitting the MUSIC port with the dual music input, having the GPS and XM on that and nothing in the AUX jack (I dont have a cell phone for it). I will have the volume louder on the GPS so it will override the music when it prompts me. Nothing should get cut out for 15-20 seconds if I do it this way (at least I think this should work).


Can anyone comment on this before I buy the dual music module to find it wont work?




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John Bentall

I believe the 5-pin grey plug on the PRO M-1 mutes all other inputs, and this is the way I have my bike-to-bike radio connected to my PRO M-1. You should start by considering part Autocom part #1431 for your radio or part #1402 if you would like to bike-power it as well. Do check that your particular Kenwood model has the compatable connections.


The link shows the wiring kit but refers to older Autocom part numbers 100 & 101. http://www.autocom.co.uk/pdf/2q03/radio_interfaces.pdf

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