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Replacing 06-RT scooter horn with 05 dual horns


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Anybody replaced their scooter horn with original stock dual horns?

Dealer has checked and found the 2nd horn connector has been removed from the wire harness. I've ordered the stock horns and all the brackets etc.


Someone did post here (can't find it) on how to keep the dual horns working when CanBus was shutting them off. I think he ran one horn off the connector up by shock and used the same wire as signal to trigger a relay for the second horn. Not sure what he used to fuse the power wire to 2nd horn, nor what type of relay. Any suggestions or help on finding the original post?

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I'd try them connected directly first and see if they will sound continuous.


The thing about using a relay is that it may draw too little current and you still may end up with a shut off issue. On several aftermarket horn installations I have done that have to use a relay, I ended up having to loading the relay to get the current draw up enough to fake the ZFE controller into thinking a standard current drain horn was still there.


Try it without first and see what happens would be my suggestion.

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