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Shopping for a winter jacket. Need help with choice.


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My choices so far are;


Belstaff Discovery

Olympia AST

Cortech Advance (3/4 lenghth)


What are your experiences with any of these products? Although I live in Fl., I do go to the mountains quite a bit, so it must be warm enough for that climate. And I prefer the jacket to be waterproof from the outside, not an inner liner.

If you don't have personal experience with any I listed, tell me what you wear, & why you like it.


Thanks thumbsup.gif

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I've got one of the competitors, an Aerostich Darien, in Hi-Viz yellow, with an electric liner:




This is, of course, the ugliest of colors ( blush.gif ), but others are available: black, blue, red and gray.


First, you're going to find that any Gore-Tex laminated jacket is not going to be as breathable as a non-Gore-Tex jacket. However, the Darien has ample armpit vents and a back vent zipper that allow a lot of air flow. Apart from my Mesh-Tex jacket, it's the coolest piece of gear I own. But, you can also zip it up and add a liner or insulating layer and have yourself a jacket that functions very well in cold weather.


The Darien has quite a few useful features, but it's a fairly simple design. The apparel from Aerostich is extremely robust, though a bit stiff until it's been worn in a bit. And it's relatively pricey. The Darien runs $497 and the electric liner is $227. I've added a back pad to mine, which costs an additional $60. You could easily get by without the latter two and use whatever electric/insulating layers you now have on hand.


The quality of construction of the Darien is first-rate and their customer service is beyond reproach. However, the one thing that really stands out is the fact that you can have any of their suits (Darien or Roadcrafter) customized to your size. For me, that's fairly important, since I'm a knuckle dragger.


I've been using their suits for the past 10 or 12 years and the first item I bought, an Aerostich Roadcrafter one-piece, still looks like new, apart from an oil stain or two. They're extraordinarily good products that hold up well, can be altered to fit you precisely, and are supported by excellent customer service. Not cheap, in terms of their initial cost, but a good value when you consider their quality and longevity.

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I have a Belstaff Discovery, about 2 years old and like it very much. I am a 42 reg suit coat and the large fits me well. It offers water proof features and will repel water as long as you treat the exterior with Nikwax as required. I do mine about every 16 months, I don't ride in really wet weather.

As to warmth, this is a 3 season jacket at best. It gets warm in SoCal when the temps are above 75 and you are stuck in traffic. It has underarm and rear vents that help. It can be stiff when new or just after treating the fabric with water repellent. Weight wise, it is not real light and when you add the zip in winter liner it can get bulky. In the winter I wear some thinner layer clothes vs. using the liner.

It has reflective thread and trim sewn into the outer shell to assist with vision at night. Pockets are plenty and zippers work great. It has good armour protection on arms, shoulders and back.

All in all, I like the jacket for the price, bought it used on Ebay.


Ride Safe.



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My Hein Gerike Paris Dakar is pretty suitable down into the 40's and when it is warm the liner can be removed and the vents opened. Add an electric vest and you will be toasty when it is relly cold. I used to put a rain suit on over it when it rained but with the excellent faring on the RT I no longer do unless it is really coming down hard and I have to slow down for traffic.

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I've got the CyclePort jacket and wouldn't trade it for any other jacket. If you don't fit into regular sized jackets, they can customize a jacket for you at a minimal charge. My jacket is a medium body with forty inch sleees. It's nice to not have the jacket arms slide above the gloves when riding. The keys to any good winter jacket are a neck gaitor, good gloves, and a heated vest.

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+1 for the Darien plus electrics. I find it versatile enough that it's the only jacket I own.


And another +1, although I have a non-Aerostich heated liner.


Mike and I share the same fashion sense eek.gif (or lack thereof?) hence the "Bumble Bee" nickname.

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First Gear Kilimanjaro. an overall great 3/4 length jacket.


Yes, the FirstGear stuff is excellent and a good value. I have a FirstGear leather suit, which seems to me to be equivalent in quality to much more expensive brands. Check out their website for the latest version, the Kilimanjaro 4.0. The MSRP is $299.95 (including the liner), though you can always find FirstGear products for less than the suggested retail price.

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I have a Savanna for the summer and the Cortech advance 3/4 for the winter & a gerbing liner. The Cortech works well in both rain and snow, but its a bit much over about 90 degrees.

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I have the Hein Gericke Cruise GTX. Wear it all year around and only need a T-shirt underneath in winter (with the zip in liner). In southern England it rarely goes far below zero degrees celcius.

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+1 for the Kili thumbsup.gif!!

Used it "Up North" in IL and also in Texas when we rode Big Bend in January.

Great jacket, wifey also loves it (and she feels the cold more than I do). Very flexible, bright colours (nice Yellow!) and decent Airflow on a hot day too!

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I recently purchased a Discovery and there were no instructions with it re maintining water repellency or Nikwax. How did you get this information?

How often do you need to treat it?



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Buy the Darien, it's the best available.. I've worn mine all over the world in all kinds of weather, below freezing to 110, with or without a liner and/or a cool vest.


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I've got the CyclePort jacket and wouldn't trade it for any other jacket. If you don't fit into regular sized jackets, they can customize a jacket for you at a minimal charge.
I second the Cycleport Ultra II Kevlar Mesh jacket. This is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. Consider that statement I just made. That is saying allot. You really should consider the Cycleport kevlar gear. The kevlar fabric will withstand anything that you throw at it. It is great for year round wear. It comes with a seven year warranty!


The company does not charge for tailoring, in fact, they encourage you to get the jacket properly fitted for you, no charge! They do stock some standard size jackets if you are standard, otherwise the gear is fitted for you. At one time there may have been a charge for custom fitting, but not anymore.


Lots of information on the web site. www.motoport.com

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I love my Reima / Cycloak jacket, and I've never talked to anyone wearing one who didn't love it. It's gore-tex, so completely waterproof, vents well with pit zips, etc. And have ridden in it in rain, shine, temps down to 25-30 with the liner that comes with it, down to 15 or so with a down vest under it and up to 95. It's got CE rated armor, kevlar abrasion patches on the elbows, shoulders, etc. Good pockets, good zippers, etc. You can view it here:



Good luck!

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I'll second the recomendation for the Reima. Found mine on e-bay for $150. I also crashed tested mine at 45MPH frown.gif and it kept me from suffering any road rash. Great jacket!

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I have a Teknic brand jacket, the model is a Sprint. It is called a 2/3 length. I liked that, although it is pretty much a 3/4 jacket anyway. It is waterproof from the outside and comes with a liner for cold weather. Riding with the RT protection it has been good as cold as I wanted to ride. I did a 4 day trip, at least 2 in allday rain, no problem. Price is good, around $200. and I just saw them somewhere for just over a hundred, they were closing out and getting the new models in. You have to find the site.

Also have the Cortech GX sport. It seems also to be waterproof and has removable cold liner. It is a Jacket cut and fits nice. I wear a large in both or 44/54 in the Teknic, am a 43 short dress coat.

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I'm not sure that you'll find a single jacket that answers all of your needs but my advice is to look for something that allows you to wear plenty of layers. This is what I use:


1. BMW Rallye II jacket and pants for Spring, Summer, and Fall: I really like all of the the ventilation zippers and I use either Coolmax-type or regular t-shirts depending on the temperature. The waterproof liner is also fine but I'm still old-fashioned and I enjoy the rain suit. I also like the fact that putting on the rain suit forces one to stop and wait a while for all the road grime to be washed away. I put on the Goretex liner more as a windbreaker than for serious rain protection.

2. Hein Gericke Touareg 3/4 jacket with liner and BMW Thermal underwear along with Draggin' Jeans and padded overpants for Winter. I have ridden thousands of miles in nice Nebraska "crisp" (10-20 below but sunny) days without ever feeling cold... I also use electric heaters in the boots and that makes a huge difference! Of course the heated grips are the best accessory that anyone would want...



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I third Greg's second for the Cycleport product. I have a GP2 jacket (kevlar) and so far it has been fantastic. A buddy has been after me for years to get one and so I finally did. He has been down at 45 mph or I should say over the hood of a dually and also at 70 mph and did not get a scratch on him. I was in some pretty steady rainfall for about and hour or so, which I know is not a long time, but I did not get one drop in side this jacket and I was toasty warm. If you end up ordering one I strongly urge you to go ahead and spring for the more expensive liner. You can wear this jacket in triple digit weather and if you go down this jacket will save your skin in a big way. My only wish for this product is that it would have more of a collar but I will get a good neck gator and all will be well. Oh, I forgot. This gear is so warm you don't need to buy electric vests, etc. At least IMHO.

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I have the Joe Rocket Meteor 5.0 with liner that I wear very comfortably down into the 30's, and it is waterporof (of which I can attest).

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