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Right side caliper "grub screw"


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I have the infamous "grub screw" on my right side caliper. Just recently purchased speed bleeders. Is there any thing special I need to know about removing the dad blasted grub screw. It may be as easy as unscrewing but I wanted to check before creating a big mess. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi, Stan-


I think that you are referring to the special "bleeder" fitting that comes on the bike from the factory. Mine was just tighter that hell when I removed it from my 99 R11S. Replaced it with a standard fitting.



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John Dickens

It does 'just' unscrew but it's in pretty tight. Mine came out without heat by using a wrench on the flats of the fitting and a vice grip on the body of the fitting.

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my grub screw was internally stripped (allen key hole) fromt eh last time a shop worked on it- so i just yanked the entire thing (grub and holder), and installed a Speedbleeder directly into the caliper. problem solved quite neatly. less weight, too.

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The recommended procedure is to appl a little heat to loosen the loctite. Mine loosened up without the heat, however, and the speed bleeder fir perfectly .

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