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OEM radio tuning


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I'm a new 2005 R1200RT owner. I got it used w/ 2700 mi., fully optioned. I din't get the manual for the radio though. I'm trying to figure out how to set my local channels. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Randy

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If you push the MAN button, you can scroll through the stations without the presets using the bar mounted control (I forget if it is up/down or left/right). When you get to a station you want to save, just hold down the preset button you want to assign it to for a few seconds and you'll see the number appear on screen. Anything else, let me know.

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Chris, I don't have individual preset buttons. I have to go by the numbers assigned on OBC screen. I've gone to the stations that are preset and tried to assign a different station but it just keeps going back to the one that's already set. The buttons I have on the left side of the fairing are: ON, SC/RP, TON, AM, FM, MEM, MAN, CD*. confused.gif


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According to the manual, for FM, Press the FM button. Press the MAN(manual) button and tune in the station you want to save using the seek buttons on the handle bar control, either left or right. Then press the MEM button. Press the seek button and select memory slot A. Press the MEM button again and the station will be stored. Keep doing this until you have all six slots filled. If you have a fax, send me a PM with the number and I'll fax you the page, or any others you need out of the manual.

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