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Some Code School Photos Mid-Ohio 08/07


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I think we're going to need a bigger boat!










I also have some shots I took of ScottinNJ that I took at Pocono on Monday (I rode on Tuesday) that I'll post later. Hopefully something is decent, I couldn't see the LCD in the sun.

He had a ground-down left knee-puck after two days though. clap.gif



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I may have missed the post, so direct me...but what did you think of Level Two? Did you like that you didn't do One and Two one right after the other or do you wish you did?


Thanks for posting pic's!

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Level one is here, but I haven't written anything about level 2 yet because I'm still trying to internalize it.


While all the skills are cumulative, level 2 skills are easily separated and could take a thousand laps or years to fully implement them. We talking about what you see and how you see it, all the while fighting off the SR's.


The most immediate help to me was riding the lean bike in the paddock which gave me the confidence to start getting off the bike in sessions 4 & 5.


Actually, most of the L2 students did ride L1 the day before, or at least take it at Pocono. I think I was the only person in my run group who was experiencing a new track. And that, I think, is the real advantage. Not semi-wasting the first two sessions learning your way around.


Of course, I'm probably doing 4 levels at four different tracks dopeslap.gif



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