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question on arai helmet shapes


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I have been to the arai helmet site, and I am a little confused.


First the site states in one area, with our 3 head shape forms etc etc


then in another page I see this


quantum basically round

Astral somewhat oval

Corsair more oval than round

Profile long oval (old signet)


currently I have an Astral and a Signet. The Astral fits me better than the signet. If the Corsair is a little more oval than the Astral, but less than a Signet, I would like to try it. If the Corsair is the same form as an Astral, just higher priced due to signature paint schemes, I do not need that.


Anyone know the real scoope

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All I know is that the Profile is moderately different than the Signet was. It has slightly more room in the forehead, a little tighter in the front upper corners, and more room in the ears. I thought the Signet was perfect for me, but the Profile is even better.


If you fit those other models, don't cross Shoei off your list (lighter, great shield mechanism - both RF-1000 or X-11) and definitely look at the Scorpions.

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FWIW, I had an opposite experience from Jake. I wanted a replacement for my aging Signet GT and tried Arai's Profile. It was not even close to the "fits like a glove" feel of my Signet. As a result, I did some on line searching and found several vendors for the discontinued Signet.


(I don't know if the Shoei's are much lighter or not, but they definitely have a better shield change mechanism than Arai. tongue.gif )


The bottom line is that "fit" is different for almost every rider. If you can, get to a good dealer who is knowledgable and has a good helmet selection and try on a LOT of models until you find something that works for you.

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I've tried various helmets and the Arai Astral fits me best. Other helmets made for "round" heads get uncomfortable in the forehead area in about 30 minutes. The new Arai Profile is very similar to the Astral. I got fitted for one at the Atlanta Cycle World show. If you have a oval shaped head, Arai is the way to go.

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