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Sidecase lid damage - need advice


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I have an '05 RT that has some mild scrapes on one of the sidecase lids due to a non-moving tipover on asphalt.


My dealer quoted me a price of ~$400 for one replacement silver-colored case lid. Can you spell - STICKER SHOCK -!?

Does that price sound right?


Other than just living with it or taking it to an auto body shop, can you think of any other options?

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As I did, I purchased the 'rubber scuff protectors' that will generally stick on and cover up the scratches about $70.00 for both sides.\It's a personal pref. you may not like the cosmetics, but they are there for the 'next' tipover.

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So far, I have tipped mine over twice. I have the scuff protectors. No marks. The scuff protectors work and they may cover your existing marks. thumbsup.gif

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I have a Graphite 1999RT. Had the same problem. I decided to sand and polish the sides to a gloss. This eliminated the scratches. Worked great, looks classy, and the bags now look painted Graphite even though they are not. I did the upper 3/4 of the sides only, above the accent line, and blended out at the edge of the tops and sides, which are still textured. To polish, you MUST sand in steps. I started wet block sanding with 400, then 600, then 1000 then 2000, then used Novus polish. You could use rubbing compound. When sanding, keep it misted with water or soapy water and check progress in bright light or sunlight. You will work less if you don't try to shortcut. In fact you just can't. You can get fine grits at NAPA or other auto parts stores. Total time about 45 minutes a case and maybe $5 in paper.

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